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Annual Oklahoma City Train Show

Dealer/Manufacturer Invitations

Dealer and Manufacturer invitations for the OKC Train Show will be mailed out to all of our previous vendors during June of the current year. Please call us at 405-842-4846 if you have not received your invitation. Please note that our show is by invitation only, however, we are always receptive to hearing from quality businesses interested in marketing their railroad related items at our show. Our show offers an opportunity to present your merchandise to over 10,000 people. If your company has a business license from your state, you have model railroad or railroad related items for sale, and you would like to join our growing list of satisfied vendors, then please contact us at 1-405-842-4846. All new vendors must provide us with a copy of their state business license. Sorry if you do not have a state business license, then we cannot extend an invitation.



We only permit display and sale of merchandise that is hobby or railroad related. The sale of merchandise is permitted only in the retail sales booths of the show.

The OKC Train Show is located at I-44 and NW 10th Street., Oklahoma City, OK in the The Pavilion Building at State Fair Park. We have reserved over 80,000 square feet of exhibit space for industry displays, operating model railroads and retail sales.

We will do all that we can do to make your experience at the OKC Train Show a success. Our staff will be attentive to your needs and will assist you with information, registration, and on-site support services. We will provide assistance for your move in and move out and will provide booth-watchers for short periods during the show.

Each year the OKC Train Show attempts to provide the most reasonable show costs to our exhibitors. To accomplish this, we order the services and booth equipment extras at bulk rates. If you choose to participate in the OKC Train Show, we strongly urge you to order your electricity and extra booth needs before the September 1, cutoff date. After September 1, the bulk rates will no longer apply

At this time limited additional space is available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (405) 842-4846 or at


General Information

The show will be open Saturday, December 2, through Sunday, December 3, for convention attendees and the public.

Saturday (9am - 5pm) & Sunday (10am - 4pm) the show is open to the public for an admittance fee.

All persons not registered at the OKC Train Show are charged a $12.00 admittance fee.

The following is our Exhibitor Schedule.

Date Day Activity Time Notes

December 1, Friday - Move in and set up 9:00 a.m. to 10: p.m.

December 3, Saturday - Move-In 6:00am - 9:00am Exhibitor Setup

December 3, Saturday - Open for Public 9:00am - 5:00pm Public Show

December 3, Sunday - Open for Dealers 9:00am - 10:00am Dealers Only

December 3, Sunday - Open for Public 10:00am - 4:00pm Public Show

December 3, Sunday - Move out 4:00 pm - 9:00pm Exhibitor Move Out




The OKC Train Show does not sell non-boothed space or tables for merchandise display. The show is setup professionally in a booth setting with pipe and drape. Exhibitors are required to display their merchandise in a professional looking booth display. This is not a swap meet. Each booth is 10' x 10' in area. The booth fee includes a rear 8' high drape, two 3' high draped side rails, two 8' tables, and chairs. Admittance for two people for the first booth and one additional person for each additional booth are included in your booth registration fees. Additional people may be registered for a modest price. A sign with your company name is included in the price of the booth. Booth fees are provided in the exhibitor registration package. Multiple booths may be purchased. Extra tables are available for $25.00 each, extra chairs to sit in are $5.00 each. Extra admission badges are $5.00.  All booths must be paid for in full prior to September 30th, to avoid possible late fees.


It is Oklahoma State law for each exhibitor who sells merchandise to collect sales taxes. Our staff will provide the required forms to you on Saturday morning. All exhibitors are required to submit a form certifying their sales or Oklahoma sales tax permit status.


The OKC Train Show welcomes displays of all facets of the hobby. Over 20,000 square feet is allocated on the show floor to display both operating model railroad displays and static displays. Reservations for displays are accepted for the current show. Model railroad display place is shown on the show floor plans as the 700 series space areas.

For modular display information on this show please contact the OKC Train Show chairman at (405) 842-4846 or at Please be advised that photos of the proposed layout will be required before an invitation is issued.

The OKC Train Show expects that all display layouts will have a finished appearance. We are sorry but we can no longer accept "bare board designs." Layouts that represent the area modeled in such a manner that the area is readily recognizable are what we desire. We require that the layout must be fully operational before 9:00 AM Saturday morning. If your layout is utilizing radio DCC, please be prepared to co-ordinate your operating channels with our representative. Please be aware that if it is determined that your control system is interfering with other control systems, you may be asked to change to a back-up control system. Also be aware that we try to rotate layouts from year to year in order to provide maximum exposure for those layouts that wish to attend. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for the general public.

Layouts may only move in or out during designated times. Layouts may not setup or tear down while the show is open to the public.

Because of the OKC Train Show's concern for potential liability, we cannot accept layouts exhibitors who cannot comply with this policy. Layout exhibitors who disregard this policy shall be excluded from future OKC Train shows unless reinstated by the chairman.

If an early departure becomes necessary due to an emergency, we must be informed in advance prior to layout tear down and arrangements will be made to assist you without endangering the public if the show is open.

All layout exhibitors will wear an identification badge provided by the OKC Train Show. It must be worn in a visible place. For security reasons, it must be worn at all times while in the show building.


The exhibitor for itself, its successors and assigns hereby releases the OKC Train Show from any and all claims of every sort it may have against the OKC Train Show based upon, arising out of, or in connection with exhibitor's occupancy and use of the Train Show premises, or any act or omission of any nature by the OKC Train Show or its agents or employees with or related to the Train Show, including, but not limited to: loss, theft, damage, destruction, or delay or non-delivery of goods, display material and other effects; any injury to exhibitor, its employees, agents, representatives or guests while in the Train Show premises; any damage to exhibitor's business by reason of the failure to provide space for the exhibit or removal of exhibit, or failure to hold the Train Show as scheduled. In the event, the Train Show is not held or canceled, the liability of the OKC Train Show shall be limited to a refund of the fee paid for space.

Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold forever harmless the OKC Train Show from any and all damage, loss, liability, claim or expense (including legal fees) based upon, arising out of, or in connection with (i) the violation of any law or ordinance by the exhibitor, its employees, agents, representatives, guests or others holding under the exhibitor; (ii) failure by exhibitor or any such persons to comply with all applicable terms and conditions contained in these rules or in the agreement between the State Fair Park and the OKC Train Show regarding the Train Show; and (iii) exhibitor's occupancy and use of the Train Show premises or a part thereof; whether or not such damage, loss, liability claim or expense was caused in whole or in part by the act or omission of the OKC Train Show or its agents or employees.


The exhibitor may provide recorded sounds in the space occupied by the exhibitor only on the following terms and conditions:

(1) Playback of recorded sound shall be at volume levels that are deemed reasonable considering the surroundings.

(2) The exhibitor shall be copyright holder or have a release from the copyright holder in his/her possession.

(3) The Train Show Chairman or his designate shall have complete and final authority in determining whether the sound volume levels are reasonable.




Authorized representatives must staff their exhibit booth(s) or displays during all show hours. Exhibitors are required to be at the show for the two-day period when the show is open for the general public.

(A). This requirement for everyday staffing will only be waived based on religious circumstances.

(B). A non-staffed booth or display is totally at the risk of the exhibitor.


Exhibitors may only move in or move out during the designated time periods. This is due to insurance requirements. Exhibitors may not set up their booth(s) after the show has opened. Exhibitors may not pack their products or tear down their booth(s) before the show closing.

(A). Because of the OKC Train Show's concern for potential liability, we cannot accept exhibitors who cannot comply with this policy. Exhibitors who disregard this policy shall be excluded from future OKC Train shows unless reinstated by the chairman.

(B). If an early departure becomes necessary due to an emergency, we must be informed in advance prior to booth tear down and arrangements will be made to assist you without endangering the public if the show is open.


Exhibits may not exceed the booth area reserved by the exhibitor. Exhibitors will not be permitted to put on demonstrations unless the OKC Train Show is notified in advance and sufficient aisle space exists to support an audience.


No exhibit may interfere with or block a neighboring exhibit.

(A). Display material exceeding three feet in height above a table may not extend more than four feet from the back of the booth without permission from the neighboring exhibitor.

(B). Exhibitors who have end or corner booths may not exceed the three-foot height limitation on the back or side rail without permission from the neighboring exhibitor.

(C). Display materials at the back of the booth may not exceed the eight-foot height of the drape.


All display material must be flameproof material or be made flameproof.

(A). Exhibitor must provide the necessary shielding or safety items to protect attendees, exhibitors and all others from equipment that may cause bodily harm.

(B). Electrical wiring and equipment must meet the standard electrical codes.


(A). Promotions and commercial literature that pertains to the products sold or displayed by an exhibitor is restricted to the confines of the exhibitor's booth area.

(B). Exhibitors are not permitted to use other persons to distribute materials at other locations on the show premises.

(C). All other literature distribution must be approved by the show chairman.


The OKC Train Show in a family venue, therefore the use of profane and vulgar language will not be tolerated at any time during the OKC Train Show. The use of profanity or vulgar language will automatically exclude you from any future show invitation list!


The OKC Train Show is a family venue and as such no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the show premises. Violation of this will result in your removal from the show without refund.


The OKC Train Show reserves the right to refuse any manufacturer, exporter, importer, distributor, dealer, or other persons or corporations who request exhibition space, or the privilege of selling, or the privilege of playing sound recordings at the OKC Train Show, if their past business practices have been shown to be detrimental to the best interests of the OKC Train Show, members of the association, or the hobby, as determined by the Train Show Committee.


The initial 2017 version of the floor plan's booth locations ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on the final FIRE MARSHAL APPROVAL. If floor plan changes are required, we will attempt to provide you with comparable space if possible.

Product demonstrations must be cleared with the show chairman in advance to ensure compliance to public safety regulations and space clearance.

Exhibitor booth space is available in three categories:

(1) MANUFACTURER: Industry display of products only with no on floor sales.

(2) DEALER: Retail product sales.

(3) MUSEUM or EXHIBITOR: Railroad and Hobby related organizations.

We do not accept exhibitors who promote any venues outside of the railroad hobby-related environment.

 We do not accept reservations by telephone for space, but we will be happy to discuss your needs and space availability with you. If you desire a special configuration for your booths, please call (405) 842-4846 and we will do our best to accommodate you, however please be aware that space is severely limited and not all requests can be honored.