Official Website for the

Annual Oklahoma City Train Show

A partial Listing of the Vendors attending the

40th Annual (2016) OKC Train Show:

Oklahoma Railway Museum (O.R.M.)




Blackstone Models

John Winfield

Mo Trak Models

Cowcatcher Magazine

Fun and Games

Sundance Marketing

Inter Mountain Railway Company


Broadway Limited

C V P Products


Richmond Controls

Railwear by Rebel Rails

Heck Graphics

Custom Trax

Miller Originals

Heritage Metal Art


North American Railcar

Santa Fe Historical and Modeling Society

Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec

Operation Chirstmas Train Set Foundation

Oklahoma Passenger Rail

S G Video

Boston and Albany Hobbies

Tesky's Trains

N Traders

Gene's Trains and Things

Rail Photos Unlimted

Pan West Railway

Keith Timm

Live Steam Expo - Mike Morgan

MAL Hobbies

M & W Toy Trains

Ricky Custar

Keith Edmonds

Railroad Collectibles

Harris Hobbies

Iguana Railway

Jordan Art Works

Bob Pope

S E K Hobbies

Choo Choos Are Us

Grayland Station

Johnny's Trains

Scenery Solutions

Aunt Heidi's Toy's

Spring Creek Model Trains

John's Hobby Shop

Dennis Bratcher

Big Al's N Scale

Challenger N Scale

Brady McGuire

Joe's Trains

Gary Henry

D & T Farm Toys

J & L Hobbies

Jerry Waits

Miller Originals

Terry Bork

Baggage Car

John Ellis

Michael Calleia

Bob Uhlemeyer

Tulsa Train Exchange

Krise Railroad Memorabilia

R & J Originals

Heritage Metal Art

Brad's Trains

Jan's G Scale

E Rail Hobbies

Mabank Depot

Prototype N Scale Models

Jim Plumlee

Mike Webb


Dave's Roundhouse

Sgt. Shultz

Bob Turner

Charlie's Trains

Oklahoma Rails

Tom Harrison

Texas Trains

Cove Station Hobbies

Layouts Coming

Oklahoma G-Gaugers (G Scale)

For the Love of  Trains (HO)

ComRail (HO)

Oklahoma N Rail (N)


Cotton T Track (N)

Oklahoma T Track (N)

Southern Plains Region N Rail Convention (N)

Oklahoma Free-Mo (HO)

Eastern Oklahoma 3 Rail

COGRS (G Scale)

Cherokee Strip Model Railroad Club (HO)

Chapa N Sclae

Chapa HO Scale


Bob Crawford

Arbuckle Model Railroaders

Tulsa N Trak

7/8's Scale Layout

Sherwood Bryan

Roark Valley Modular Display Layout